Community Life Groups

Intimate environments are an essential ingredient to our church family

In addition to our larger gatherings on Sundays, we meet throughout the week in our Community Life Groups. These smaller and more intimate environments are an essential ingredient to our church family. These groups are small gatherings of people in homes, offices, coffee shops and other settings where people come together to pray, read and study the Scriptures, have great conversations, and look for opportunities to serve one another and their community.

What is a Community Life Group?

A small group of people who meet regularly in a home setting to read and study the Scripture, pray, have great conversation, and look for opportunities to serve one another and the community. Community Life Group meetings consist of the “5 Ws:”

Welcome– Building intentional relationships with each other by taking time to get to know each other on a personal level
Worship– Building intentional relationships with God by singing, reading from psalms or other worship activities
Word– God builds His relationship with us by revealing Himself as we study His Scriptures
Witness– Building intentional relationships with the lost by praying and reaching out to family and friends who do not know the Lord
Works– Building intentional relationships with others in our church and the community by occasionally conducting works of service

Why Community Life Groups at Twin Rivers?

– To reach the world with the Gospel of Christ
– To develop Biblical disciples of Jesus Christ through intentional relationships
– To build a church based on service to each other and to the community
– To raise up leaders

Why join a Community Life Group?

– A positive way to connect with others and develop relationships
– Experience continuous spiritual growth

Who can be in a Community Life Group?


How Do I Join a Community Life Group?

If you would like to be part of a Community Life Group at Twin Rivers, contact the Twin Rivers Baptist Church office:

– TRBC Office at 541-746-4734
– Pastor Greg Felt

or email us at to find out how to get involved.